The Prompt

Ahhhh, I have been out of town, attending the funeral of a friend from Youth Group oh, 37 years ago.  She was 54, married, with two children and one of those people who “lived it right”.  I’m very glad I had the ease to get there and, too, I’m very glad to be back home. I haven’t blogged the entire week that I’ve been gone and the assignment today is to respond to the Daily Prompt: Name 5 Things in your House that make it a Home. How perfect….in a way, this very idea has been heavy on my mind since my friend died suddenly and left a hole in our hearts.

When my two sons lived here, the first four “things” would have been me, my husband, Kris and Grady…and the 5th, Love.  But really, I think Love is the first thing, Kindness the second, Patience the third, Friendship the fourth and Acceptance the fifth.  They all play together to create a home…the place you feel safe and welcome and comfortable to be yourself.  There really is no place like home….or people, who no matter where you are, treat you like home.


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